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Continuum Wars Update

(Edited: It has been awhile.   Life throws us all curve balls, at time, and it seems all three founders (Dylan, Eldric, and Jake) had to deal with their own curve balls at about the same time.  While the turbulance has not quite subsided, we are still here and still firmly committed to continue on.  We also, yes, even after all this time, just noticed that a link in the Continuum Wars section was incorrect.  The Link to Multiverse Probability 1: Chapter 28 was pointing to a previous chapter.   That has been corrected.  So...stay tuned as we round out the Brainiac War and move fully into the Continuum Wide Continuum War 2!)

Three new chapters have been added to the Continuum Wars: One from Multiverse (Multiverse Probability 1: Chapter 28 - Endgame part Three) and two from Rising Starr (Rising Starr Chapter 10: The Three Faces of Arisia and Rising Starr Chapter 11: Legion Rising)  You can access these stories either in the Continuum Wars menu or in the Multiverse or Rising Starr menus.


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